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We are entrepreneurs that come from Consumer Goods. We know the business  and understand the challenges. 

Luminate is an entrepreneurial investment fund seeking to invest and  accelerate growth for a Single Business in Consumer Goods Consumables. We are supported by a number of talented entrepreneurs and world-class investors with deep experience investing in, growing, and operating successful companies.

We are hands-on, growth-minded entrepreneurs who believe lasting success is rooted in integrity,  passion, humility and hard work. We will focus all of our time, energy, and capital into partnering with a transitioning  owner to operate and own a business for years to come.

We are not a private equity firm, nor are we a strategic acquirer. As we will only  make a single investment, the business will have 100% of our focus. We are focused on preserving and sustainably growing your company’s legacy. Our priority is to stimulate growth while ensuring continuity for your employees, customers, stakeholders and the brand you have built.

Our managing partner will transition into full-time  management, and we will add a strategic Board of Directors. 

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Company Criteria

Financial Profile

  • Annual sales of $2M - $20M USD

  • Profitable with $500k+ USD Operating Income

  • 3+ Years of Profitability

Business Profile

  • Differentiated product/service  offering

  • In operation for more than 5 years

  • Location: North America wide

Industry Profile

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG / FMCG)

  • Categories: Food, Beverage, Pet, Beauty, Fitness

  • Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Distributors

Management Profile

  • Seeking full or majority sale

  • Looking for less active role in day-to-day

  • Wanting to ensure continuity in the business


Yas has extensive experience in Consumer Goods, having managed brands and products ranging from startups to global brands with $1B in revenue. Most recently, he led a start-up better-for-you ice cream brand, which he took an exit from in early 2020. Prior to this, he spent 5 years at Mars Inc, managing finance, sales, and marketing of Confectionery, Pet, and Ice Cream Brands. His last role with the organization was as the National Portfolio Manager of Skittles/Starburst/Lifesavers for the Canadian Market, where he drove 14% growth during his tenure. Prior to this, he led the eCommerce marketing strategy for Mars Canada, driving the online channel from <1% to 10% of revenue contribution. His early career included working as a brand manager at a co-manufacturer, successfully leading the strategy to launch a national protein supplement, adding 35% to topline growth in the first year. He has also spent considerable time driving marketing in the automotive industry. Yas has an MBA from the George Washington University focused on Entrepreneurship and General Management. 

Yas Ali

Managing Partner

Advisory/Investment Board


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